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August 5, 2011

I am confused.  Alpha Dad was supposedly gone for the weekend (but no worries, he’s back from his trip now!!!), but on Friday night I think he was hiding inside of this tasty doggy-bone-shaped thingy that Alpha Mom calls a “tell-a-fone.”  I was sitting by the window, waiting for Alpha Dad to come home in the No Dogs Allowed Car.  Alpha Mom was calling to me from the kitchen, but I decided to ignore her.

Alpha Mom got really obnoxious.  She started clapping her hands and whistling.  The great thing about having big ears is that they’re like built-in ear muffs that block out all the noise.  But then I heard something really amazing!  Maybe I mad missed Alpha Dad coming home because I heard his voice from the kitchen!  I trotted into the kitchen, hoping for a belly rub.  But Alpha Dad was nowhere to be seen!  I sniffed around and was quite positive that Alpha Dad was not in the room.

“Woody!”  I heard Alpha Dad calling me, but I didn’t know which way to run.  “What’s up, Woody?”  There was the voice again!  I started running in circles, racing through the house and completely unable to control myself.  Alpha Dad has to be around here somewhere!  I know that’s him talking, I just know it!

There are a lot of things about this world that I will never understand.  The tell-a-fone is one of them.


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