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A Patient Hound

April 24, 2010

It’s Friday and as usual I am sitting on the stairway landing, staring out the window.  Technically, I am not allowed up the stairs.  But I’m not on the second floor yet, so I figure that the landing is a nice compromise.  Through the window I can see my neighbors’ front yard and the sidewalk.  I couldn’t care less about being sociable to my neighbors, but the sidewalk is of great interest to me in the evenings.

I have a powerful internal clock.  For instance, I know that exactly 9:30 p.m. I go to bed and at 12:05 a.m. I wake up for a drink of water.  I know that in exactly two minutes Alpha Dad should walk up the sidewalk.  I lay down on the landing and wait.

When I’m waiting for Alpha Dad to come home, two minutes is a very long time.  I count the seconds by thumping my tail against the wall.  One, two, three.  I lose count of the numbers- arithmetic is no interest of mine.  I’ve heard that patience is a virtue, but I know that basset hounds don’t need virtues, whatever they are.

Cat scampers down the stairs behind me.  It’s not fair- how come a fat and rude creature like Cat is allowed upstairs and I’m not?  The injustice of this all distracts me for a moment, but soon my focus is back on the sidewalk.

Sure enough, there is Alpha Dad walking up the sidewalk.  I rush down the stairs and to the back door, which I scratch with my paw until Sister Fairy lets me out.  I pounce out of the bushes just as Alpha Dad opens the gate.

“Woof!” I say, jumping on Alpha Dad.  My internal clock informs me that it is time for my a belly rub.


Welcome Home, Brother Pooch

March 24, 2010

It has been a stressful day.  Alpha Mom woke me up early to go outside, which meant that I only got fourteen hours of sleep last night.  When I helped clean up the kitchen table after lunch, the only snack that I could find was a grape.  Seriously, what Basset Hound wants to eat fruit?  Bread and meat are delicioius, but fruits and vegetables are absolutely vile.  Finally, Brother Pooch was playing Outside the Fence all day, so there was no one at home to give me a belly rub.

Brother Pooch can be irritating sometimes.  He eats all the steak off his plate (no leftovers for me 😦 ) and once he had a friend over who stepped on my tail.  But when a Hound Dog gets lonely, there is no substitute for my Brother Pooch.  I’ve heard Alpha Dad refer to Brother Pooch as “half-Hound,” but since Bassets don’t waste time with fractions, I have absolutely no idea what a “half-Hound” is.

I spent all day with my nose between two slats of wood in the fence, waiting for Brother Pooch to walk up the driveway.  At last, I saw a boy walking toward the house.  I pushed my nose as far as it would go between the slats, trying to get a closer look to see if Brother Pooch was really coming home at last!  Sure enough, it was him!!!

Whenever someone enters My Backyard, I like to hide behind the bushes beside the driveway.  Then, when whoever it is opens the fence, I jump out from beween two of the bushes and greet them.  You can call me “Guardian of the Fence.”  When I saw Brother Pooch walking toward the house, I wanted to run behind the bushes before he could see me.  But there was one problem: my nose was stuck in the fence!

I squirmed and tugged and just as Brother Pooch was walking up the driveway, I managed to dislodge my nose.  With incredible Bullet Dog speed I plunged into the bushes.  Brother Pooch swung open the fence.  Just as I was about to jump out from the bushes and greet him with a surprise, Brother Pooch bent over the bushes and looked me straight in the eye.


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