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When Ants Go Marching

August 19, 2011

Though my Alpha Parents take me for daily W-A-L-K’s and I am frequently allowed to visit the P-A-R-K, sometimes I feel that I have an excess of “alone time.”  I am an introvert, don’t get me wrong, but even a hound who sleeps 21 hours per day gets a little lonely sometimes.  Luckily, I have plenty of nice friends who live nearby, including a family of bunnies and my next-door neighbor, a cat named Sprinkles.  (Okay, Sprinkles isn’t very nice, but I like to have staring contests with her.)  My most recent acquaintance, however, was with a clan of sugar ants.

I think they live somewhere behind the shoe bin, but I’m not quite sure.  They’re not shy, and they often wake up early to greet me during breakfast.  I’ve always been fascinated by their ability to counter surf, a feat that is a bit challenging for me given my height.  Bonding with these sugar ants has not been so difficult given that we have so much in common.  For example, we both despise fruits (especially grapes!) as well as vegetables.  Also, we both frequently find ourselves the subjects of Alpha Mom’s frustration, though none of us have been able to figure out why.

I hope my new friends will decide to stick around for a while.  I quite enjoy sharing my room with them, and am always happy to point them in the direction of the pancake mix.

Impaw-fect House Rules

August 12, 2011

A great injustice has come to my attention lately due to a misunderstanding in my house.  I am one of five siblings– it’s Brother Pooch, Sister Fairy, Sister Martian, Cat, and me.  I get on pretty well with all of my siblings (as long as Brother Pooch, Sister Fairy, and Sister Martian remember to share their People Food) with the exception of Cat.  We have never been able to hit it off very well.  Most of the time we just ignore one another, but recently the tension has been building between us over some unfair house rules.

1. Cat can snack on my food and indulge in my water dish, but I am is not permitted to eat Cat’s food

Just because I eat four times as much does not mean that I have to share.  Cat seriously needs to go on a diet, so it makes no sense that she gets to snack more.

2. Cat gets to go upstairs, but I have to stay downstairs and sleep in my dog bed at night.

Okay, so I guess I did have 48 hours of upstairs privileges when I first moved in.  But I only knocked over a couple of trash cans and chewed a few shoes!

3. When Cat wants to sit on the furniture, my family pets her.  When I sit on the furniture, I get into trouble.

So I drool a bit and my paws are muddy.  Big deal!  If I have to spend my afternoons on the carpet, then so should Cat.

It’s tough being a hound dog.  Yes, there’s Cat, sitting on the sofa and watching me type this.  I can’t help but laugh– she might have all the privileges around here, but I’m the only one who has managed to figure out Alpha Mom’s computer password!


August 5, 2011

I am confused.  Alpha Dad was supposedly gone for the weekend (but no worries, he’s back from his trip now!!!), but on Friday night I think he was hiding inside of this tasty doggy-bone-shaped thingy that Alpha Mom calls a “tell-a-fone.”  I was sitting by the window, waiting for Alpha Dad to come home in the No Dogs Allowed Car.  Alpha Mom was calling to me from the kitchen, but I decided to ignore her.

Alpha Mom got really obnoxious.  She started clapping her hands and whistling.  The great thing about having big ears is that they’re like built-in ear muffs that block out all the noise.  But then I heard something really amazing!  Maybe I mad missed Alpha Dad coming home because I heard his voice from the kitchen!  I trotted into the kitchen, hoping for a belly rub.  But Alpha Dad was nowhere to be seen!  I sniffed around and was quite positive that Alpha Dad was not in the room.

“Woody!”  I heard Alpha Dad calling me, but I didn’t know which way to run.  “What’s up, Woody?”  There was the voice again!  I started running in circles, racing through the house and completely unable to control myself.  Alpha Dad has to be around here somewhere!  I know that’s him talking, I just know it!

There are a lot of things about this world that I will never understand.  The tell-a-fone is one of them.

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